Call Girl in Gurgaon

Call  Girl in Gurgaon

Name : Swati Sharma

Age : 22 Years

Height : 5'9

Weight : 49 kg

Measurements : 36C-29-36

Nationality : Indian

Languages : Hindi, English

Model Call Girl in Gurgaon

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Name : Kicky

Age : 21 Years

Height : 5'8

Weight : 47 kg

Measurements : 36C-26-34

Nationality : Vietnamese

Languages : Hindi, English

Russian Call Girl in gurgaon

Call Girl in Gurgaon, 09899480591,, Escorts Gurgaon

Name : Rasmi

Age : 21 Years

Height : 5'9

Weight : 48 kg

Measurements : 37C-28-35

Nationality : Rush

Languages : Hindi, English, Russian

Call Girl In Gurgaon

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Gurgaon Escort Service

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